Lady Astrid Monteg

The formidable head of the House Monteg


The Lady Astrid is short, even for a dwarf, but when her voice rings out like an iron bell, even a room of giants would likely pay attention. Her steel-gray hair falls about her face like a helmet, and her coal black eyes glare out from under heavy, expressive brows.

She wears a fine cape in her family’s colors of gray and brown over a hauberk of chainmail polished to a high gleam. Her posture and movements have more of the military than the regal about them, and her accent is falls closer to the Imperial line than the dwarven burr.


The lady Astrid was born into house Monteg in the fading days of them Empire, and, like many dwarven youths, was drafted into the Legions during the reign of Galfrus the Kidnapper.

Her social position bought her a position as an officer’s page, but the officer was an infantryman who lead from the front; a style of leadership young Astrid took to quite well.

Lady Astrid Monteg

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