The Ancient Oracle

An antediluvian dragonborn prophet served by a remote monastery


An extremely old dragonborn, his or her scales gone a dull, colorless gray with age, who speaks almost continuously across a swath of languages seemingly drawn from every race, nation, and time.

Rich woolen robes cover the ancient dun scales.


The Ancient Oracle is one of the most reliable and frustrating sources of divination in the known world.

Sometimes the oracle can be prompted to briefly focus on the fates of individuals nearby, thereby granting accurate and often vitally important predictions that can impact the fate of families and nations.

Needless to say, the order of dragonborn scholars who guard and staff the monastery demand a healthy contribution for the honor of being seen by the Oracle, whether or not the predictions it mouths have anything to do with them.

They also charge for the service of translating and interpreting whatever draconic prophecy may come tumbling out.

The Ancient Oracle

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