Celestial Forest

The High Elven realm of Lelwin, called the Celestial Forest in the common tongue, is one of the most ancient and mystically powerful kingdoms on the continent. 

It is also one of the smallest.

Reduced, over the centuries, by human encroachment, orc incursions, and other calamities, the Celestial Forest has shrunk from a shaded empire to a well-defended vale shielded by mountains, swamps, and vigorously maintained strongholds.  Its borders have held steady for 564 years, since a treaty with the Linaean Empire was drawn up with the very first Emperor of that durable body politic.  The recent fall of the Empire has raised concerns however, with some calling for renewed diplomatic efforts with successor states, and some insisting the only way forward is a redoubling of defense, or even to begin reclaiming long-lost territories.

Fauna: The current borders of Lelwin contain all manner of arboreal life, with a distinct tilt toward the more benign variety: wolves, bears, stags, unicorns, dryads, and treants are all well-represented within the Celestial Forest.

Ruler: The Celestial Forest is ruled by a council of noble elders headed, for nearly 7 centuries, by Elder-King Avandis and Elder-Queen Delara of the Family Stormoak.

Crest: Seven golden stars and  a crescent moon, on a field of midnight blue.

Celestial Forest

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