Circle of Ravens

They call themselves the Circle of Ravens.  Others term them the storm crows, the war crows, or just "the crows".

Dominated by humans, but accepting members of all races, they're among the most politically active druidic circles, with their members often appearing to make portentous announcements of war, plague, or dire storm approaching.  

And just as often, appearing in the aftermath, to strip anything of value from the wreckage.  

The Ravens see the rise and fall of civilizations and settlements as just another of nature's cycles, and pay particular attention to the many ways they happen.  Some seek to preserve what they see as worthy places, working to protect their homes by predicting and preventing dangers to their chosen territories.  Others simply let nature take its course, and when necessary, help it along.  

The latter give the rest of the Ravens something of a bad reputation, but none can debate the purity of their ideals. 

Circle of Ravens

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