Circle of the Bloody Claw

The Bloody Claw is barely a circle; it's more like a cycle of abuse.  

The orcs of the [[Vadri Horde]] are no less connected to nature than the members of the soft races; they're merely in touch with a different side of it.  The side that culls the weak, suffers no challengers, and survives at any cost.  Their nature is not green, it is red.  Their druids are the same: raised to hunt with weapons crafted from sticks and rocks, taught the ways of poison herbs, of trap and spear, they are savages among savages.  They learn the language of trees and beasts that they might better conquer them, and rarely speak when a gesture will do.

The one-eyed priests treat them with respect, and when their snarls form words even the war chiefs listen.  

The influence of the Vadri horde is so vast that most orc-blooded druids in what was once the [[Linaean Empire]] have taken up the ways of the Bloody Claw.  

Those who haven't have died horrible, bloody deaths, and often been eaten raw.  

Such is the way of nature.

Circle of the Bloody Claw

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