House Northbreeze

House Northbreeze began as human tribal leaders in the far north, before becoming vassals to the Linaean Empire and being placed in charge of the Province of Savon after the previous overseers rose in rebellion.  As the Empire began to crumble, the local nobility looked more and more to House Northbreeze for protection and law, and Savon declared itself a free Kingdom some two decades before the last emperor died.  

With a reputation as fierce warriors and fair judges, House Northbreeze has produced a series of excellent to adequate monarchs (two kings and a queen).  But the recent death of King Sandor II has left the House and kingdom in the hands of his widow, Queen Regent Estrella Northbreeze.

At least until his 12 year-old son Nolan comes of age.

Leader: Queen Regent Estrella Northbreeze, the half-elf second wife of the late King Sandor II.  She has a reputation for intelligence, gentleness, and generosity that has earned her great popularity with the common folk, but her status as an outsider causes a great deal of friction with other noble houses.

Crest: White chimera rampant, on a purple field.

House Northbreeze

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