House Serek

House Serek is an up-and-coming human noble family in the kingdom of Savon.  Ennobled during the later days of the Linaean Empire for — depending on who tells the tale — heroic military service, valiant loyalty, or a few well-placed bribes, the Serek family is seated at the town of Harden, North of Glimmerton.

With a reputation for guile and ferocity on and off the battlefield, House Serek has managed to amass both a large force of ready men-at-arms and a substantial treasury.  

Leader: Lord Martel Serek is a soldier with a substantial history of loyal and successful service to the crown of Savon.  He's known to be efficient, flexible, and difficult to dissuade in pursuit of his objectives.  His peasants respect the protection he offers and fear the harshness of his justice. 

Crest: Crossed crimson swords, on a field of gray. 

House Serek

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