The dwarven kingdom of Moridon (roughly translated as the Blue Depths) is the most active and influential dwarven realm in the Northern kingdoms.  Early and staunch allies of the late and lamented Linaean Empire, the dwarves of Moridon provided, taught, and maintained much of the arms, armor, and engineering that allowed the Empire to flourish, and were richly rewarded as a result.  

Many dwarves blame their ill-treatment at the hands of the later Emperors for the fall of the Empire, and historians of every race agree that it was, at least, a contributing factor.  

Since the fall of the empire, some of the trade and much of the trust that kept Moridon in touch with the human realms around it has degraded, as bandits, ambitious lords, and short-sighted kings have raided formerly safe lanes and above-ground settlements.  Although several of ghost towns dot their borders, in other places the dwarves have pushed outward, with nigh-impenetrable forts popping up seeming overnight in contested areas.  

Ruler: King Margon Hammerbrow IV ascended the throne some thirty years ago.  A veteran military commander in the last wars of the Empire, he has a reputation as a hard man who looks after his own people well, but has little concern for the fates of outsiders.

Crest: A mailed fist and crossed pickaxes in gray, on a field of deep blue.


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